Thursday, August 18, 2011

Inventing Roscoe

Anyone at any moment can change. In fact you and I are re-born from one moment to the next( This is just the nature of being. Usually you and I are reborn as an almost exact replica of who we were the moment before.   A seeming replica except for the small, intrinsic, senescent changes in our cells.  The Eye closes, The Eye opens and beholds the same.   We can however, due to the nature of the observer created Universal Reality take control, in small but growing increments, of this change. In essence you are letting the quantum cat out of the bag, or box in the modern scientific metaphor. You can pop the bubbles of the eigen-state quantum foam in the package of consensus reality. This taking control of changing oneself, becoming the change one seeks and thus changing the Universal Reality, is an act of Will, Imagination, and  Knowledge . When you embark on this program of change It is recommended that you keep Silent.  People who have never even seen the rabbit hole, or prefer a blue pill will not understand your goal, and history has shown that people who do not understand can, and often do become hostile to who and what they cannot understand. 

  These writings are not a violation against remaing silent. The medium through which these words do their work provides several layers of defensive masks and barriers between me and those who might wish any harm. I have no doubts that if these writing are effective that some will be quite angered and fear ful of them. In fact that is a how I will know they are working.  

Inventing Roscoe, this proposed set of writings will be about my program of change on several different levels, both internal and external. The subject matter will both include prosaic and extraordinary. I leave it to the reader to decide which is which. These include: alchemy/Ormus/immortality science, my experiments with magick, exercise, politics , morality, meta-programming, unrequited love, books, movies, being a Lush, the joys of masturbation, and why cats are better than dogs.

There is an old Buddhist Proverb, “When student is ready the teacher will appear.” , that many no doubt have heard. I know for years I never though I had found any teachers to help me on the magickal path. My mistake was I was expecting them to be flesh. So I did not act on  the teachings they did give me. I listened, passively; instead of becoming active which is the most important step in making knowledge apart of yourself. You have to do the work.  My mistake was not realizing that I did not have to search for a living “Master” or “Guru” to instruct me. In the age we live in all that was necessary was that I go to the local bookstore. There sitting on the shelves were the time-binding artifacts, the mind essence, of thousands of ‘Masters’ of the prosaic and extraordinary. It is my fault for not acting. I will not make the same mistake anymore.  Are you listening to your “Master’s”?

Experiment One:

1)Read Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson  (read before but will do as my teacher asks)
2)Read Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson  (read before but will do as my   teacher asks)
3)Listen to "The Grinning Giggling Monkey Faced Guru and Pig Boy" by Israel Regardie
4)Read Info-Psychology By. Dr. Timothy Leary
5)Read Undoing Yourself by Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt (read before but will do as my teacher asks)
6)Re-Read Cosmic Trigger while listening to TGGMFGaPB continuously
7)Listen to 'The Mantram Tape" by Isreal Regardie for 6-8 hrs
8)Re-Read Undoing Yourself
9)Rest for 2 days
10)Re-read Cosmic Trigger while listening to Mantram
11)Stand on Head while re-reading Info-Psychology( This one might hurt)

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  1. I haven't read Info-Psychology while standing on my head, YET.
    Great first post! Keep it up!