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I was once a believer, this would have been my Spiel. I am sure that  I could have convinced you that this pseudo-scientific apocalyptic catastrophe was immenient. Just like the believers in Comet Elenin or the 2012 Mayan Calendar Hysteria are able to do:

The World is going to end soon. I have researched this information for years.  The signs have been in the sky. First there was “the Grand Cross” planetary alignment, The Earth, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn aligned in a cross pattern when viewing the solar system from above.  The next celestial alignment, when all the planets align in a straight line with in 1* of each other, will cause a planetary pole shift. This is how it will happen. The method was uncovered By Dr. Charles Hapgood ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Hapgood )and commented on as possible in letters from Dr. Albert Einstein.

Once, thousands of years ago, Antarctica was ice free. We know this because of the discovery  of  the Admiral Piri Reis Map, uncovered by Dr. Hapgood, This map is from the time of Columbus and was drawn by Mercator himself, from ‘older source material”. It shows Antarctica without ice. The coastline displayed, on this map of ultimate unknown origin , which is now under miles of ice has been confirmed by The US Navy and was checked using the Lan-Sat5 Satellite in the 1970’s. This is detailed in the book Maps of the Ancient sea Kings by Charles Hapgood

Ice builds up, even with global warming, by the metric ton on the continent of Antarctica.  It accumulates there because the Earth leads with the southern hemisphere as it moves around the sun.  As it completes it never ending orbits, tiny meteorites, some just pieces of dust are sucked up by the Earth like a giant vacuum cleaner, especially as the earth moves through the plane of Jupiter and its debris field .  As this space debris break up in the atmosphere the elements like hydrogen that are released combine with oxygen in the atmosphere, freeze and crash into Antarctica as “dirty snowballs”. This ice has  been building up for twenty six thousand years, the last time the earth made a complete turn of its ‘elliptic clock”and this cyclical disaster occurred.

As the ice builds up , now miles deep, it pushes the land mass of Antarctica deep into the lithosphere. The lithosphere is the layer of earth under the crust and can be thought of as a viscous lubricating layer. At the bottom of the ice, due to the insulation of the ice, the ground is muddy and slick. Eventually the ice will become so heavy that it overcomes the rotational force of the earth.

When this happens the Ice will stand still and the earth will move out from beneath it. Huge , continent sized mile deep chunks of ice will splash into the ocean , causing massive mile high tsunamis that will radiate our around the world obliterating coastlines hundreds of miles inward. This is just the minor damage that this extinction level event will cause 

The much more horrendous and devastating earth changing cataclysm of pole shift occurs when the tremendous amounts of potential energy that has been stored in the crust of Antarctica is released . This happens when the continent  is no longer weighted by the ice and pushed down into the lithosphere. The landmass pops up and the entire crust of the earth, in one solid piece much like the skin of a tangerine , moves in the direction of the southeast caused by  “English” spin of energy released in the southern hemisphere combined with  the spin of the earth. For instance, the US will end up according to computer models at the current latitude of Australia.
 This movement will cause extreme high winds in excess of 500 mph, ripping the flesh off of bodies. Volcanoes will erupt worldwide.  This movement will also cause the plates to crash into each other, causing new mountain chains the size of the Himalayas or Andes to be built in days if not hours. Evidence of this happening before can be seen in Peru, at Lake Titicaca where salt water lakes and mile long sea ports are now thousands of feet in the mountains.  The world as we know it will be dead.

As you can imagine this is not the best party conversation. 

I told everyone that I wanted to survive  the day it would end. I was prepared and so should they be. I I had my shot gun, a big bag of rice, camping equipment, and a lb of marijuana (which it is obvious   smoking a lot of at the time). I was a believer. This would be a good thing, all of the evil of modern world would be wiped away and I would be prepared to create a new world.   
 Only nothing happened, on the prophesied  date the planets came in to the ‘correct’ alignment. This occurred on 5/5/2000. I was disappointed, my dreams of scouring the wastelands of post apocalyptic Earth were not to be . I had put a lot of energy into this paradigm I was actually wishing , dreaming that this cataclysm of untold horror would occur. Billions dead, whole cultures wiped out. 

This Belief system ( BS) I now realize was a projection of my own emptiness, apathy, and lack of hope.  I took great pleasure in the looks of fear that would cross people’s faces as I told them of this prophecy, the addition of scientific ‘facts’ only made it seem more plausible.  Being that I hate Jesus and Christianity I only pay attention to those prophecies that have a scientific gloss  to them . They seem so much more believable to me than the Harold Camping  Invisible Punishing Sky Daddy style prophecy. I was convinced and so was convincing, no reason or logic was able to dissuade me. Just as with the believing souls of the two upcoming “scientific prophecies” of Comet Elenin and 2012 no amount of reason or logic will dissuade them from their BS
Today's Earthquakes Are Just The Beginning:  

If you haven't heard of Comet Elenin already, you will start to hear more and more about it in the coming weeks. It's a comet that is supposed to come within 22 million miles of earth in October, and will pass between us and the sun in late September.


I can't even begin to tell you how many "end of the world" scenarios I'm already hearing about that revolve around this comet. People are blaming it for all the recent big earthquakes, the heat wave in the US, the Midwestern storms from a few months ago...and they are saying the disasters will continue to get worse and worse as the comet draws closer. Elenin also caused Oprah Winfrey's cable channel to tank.  Some have even claimed the comet was in direct alignment with earth every time a major earthquake over the last year has struck, including the one in Japan, and the series of moderate quakes that struck the US today.
However if you have three objects in space, Elenin, the Sun and Earth for example , they will always be at some angle to each other, with the sun being the vortices.  That is just plain geometry. Shouldn’t if this a global event, even if triggered  by an astronomically insignificant sized body  ,the quakes occur all over the planet, hitting not only DC, Denver, but also England, Russian, Australia, China, Africa at the same time?  Any event on earth, there is always an alignment or angle with Earth is to some planet. What are these angles, 90*, 33* what is the magic angle that causes earthquakes?

Some are claiming that Elenin it is actually “Planet X", which  is a  rumored planet  on a 3600 year elliptical orbit that will collide with Earth (again and again) as it makes its eventual transit through the inner solar system...and that NASA is lying about it being a comet so they can cover it up. This claim is made because a 10km sized object in space is going to have zero affect on planet sized bodies, especially when it is millions of miles away. This Planet named Nibiru is the focus of 1970’s works of Dr. Zecharia Sitchin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zecharia_Sitchin). These books such as The Twelfth Planet , are considered classics in the UFO/Conspiracy paradigm. This ties Elenin into another perceived end of the world scenario which has its own set of believers and is stirring them to comment on whether r their own ‘"scientific prophecy" BS is now coming true. . Did I mention that this planet is the home of Reptilian Aliens who once lived here and use Earth as a Human Coop much the way we keep chicken coops?

It is even being claimed that 11/28/2011, the day that Elenin comes closest to the earth , 22 Million miles, is actually the day that the Mayan calendar ends., thus connecting it to another  doomsday scenario that is very prevalent on peoples minds. There is an idustry built up around pushing this BS.

"What I have been saying — the important lesson of this book — can be put into two simple imperatives:

1. Never believe totally in anybody else's BS ( Belief System).

2. Never believe totally in your own BS."
Robert Anton Wilson -Cosmic Trigger 2

I have been known to forget the lesson above. I am a fundamentalist, I believe that if I meditate and practice Magick.  or  I  make the right deals with eldrich spirits, or search the right ancient tome and formulate the correct elixir I will be able to walk through walls or live forever.. My skepticism software has never been effectively installed .

My real concern, because I understand true belief,  though is not debunking or even making fun of believers in these “scientific prophecies”, but instead it is how these people will react when nothing happens.  How many people are giving up there possessions, quitting there jobs, losing friends with their proclamations of impending doom?  What occurs when these types of prophecies fail is summarized in this Slate article:  http://www.slate.com/id/2295099/ .Will there be suicides, depression, rage, or will there mind just skip to the next big end of days scenario.

 I hope ,because their  is a seeming basis in science with these beliefs , that the believers in this end time BS have just a hint more of skepticism than I usually have, and aren’t giving up all their possessions as the followers of the false prophet Harold Camping did earlier this year. Who due  to my known bias against YHWH worshipers .  I feel got everything they deserve. Hrold Camping got what he desreved also, a massive stroke that has left him unable to speak! Whne coment Elenin and 2012 fizzle those that chose to believe will have my understanding,. I know what it is like to have faith in unpopular ideas.

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  1. I'm fairly sure the end of the world myths are just pretty metaphors for the fact that we're all mortal.